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Security Driving

Main target of this course is to improve general theoretical skills of the Security Driver and his/her driving ability in various situations on different road conditions like asphalt and off-road. It includes such techniques as EB, Reverse & Forward 180’s or High Speed Driving. Our training is designed for serious individuals aspiring for excellence in driving. Our purpose-built 4x4 track allows for the highest safety and operational performance.


  • Role and responsibilities of the Security Driver
  • Introduction to Security driving
  • Physics – forces operating on a vehicle
  • Vehicle structure
  • Steering Wheel Management
  • Proper Body Position
  • Direction change [j-turn, u-turn]
  • Emergency Braking Techniques – ABS and non-ABS
  • Recovering from emergency situation
  • Introduction to 4wd systems
  • 4wd vehicle familiarization
  • 4wd security driving
  • Road barriers and obstacles
  • Planning and choosing routes and roads
  • Avoiding dangers and threats
Course Duration Price Available
Security Driving B6/B7 Armored 23 - 26 April 2019 6000 zł 1400 € 1100 £ 1500 $ available
Security Driving B6/B7 Armored 6 - 9 October 2019 6000 zł 1400 € 1100 £ 1500 $ available

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