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Designated Defence Marksman

The main objective of this rare and unique training is to familiarize students with all work aspects and responsibilities of the DDM inside a protective team at the elevated risk. This training includes both ABC of sharp shooting and advanced defensive military drills during field mission. The training is very intensive and requires from participants both discipline and good understanding of team work during high risk security operations.


  • Rifles familiarization
  • Scope familiarization
  • DDM fundamentals (Sharp shooting preparations)
  • Grouping and zeroing
  • Supported and unsupported firing position in combat gear
  • Effective rifle manipulation
  • Single and multiple target engagements
  • Range estimation & target detection
  • Wind affects & estimation
  • Camouflage & Stalking
  • External ballistics
  • FFP
  • DDM final mission


METHODS: This course is an intensive combined program consisting of lectures, practical range drills and field mission.


REQUIREMENTS: Applicants need to present valid criminal record check.

GEAR: Tactical pants and belt, military boots, knee protectors, backpack with camelback, military head kerchief.

Course Duration Price Available
Designated Defence Marksman 25 September - 1 October 2017 6000 zł 1500 € 1200 £ 1700 $ fully booked

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